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The STEM Prep Health materials are orgnized in eight stations.

Stations are labeled to match the four types of energy systems (movers) operating in the human body and in all industrial systems: Mechanical, Fluid, Thermal and Electrical.

There are two stations under each system. Each station is made up of three modules: Lab, Communications (Reading, Writing, and Computer), and Math.

After enrollment, orientation, testing, and placement, students select a station as a starting point, going through all modules in that station and then proceeding to the next, until all stations are complete.

The lab unit in each station provides instructions for students to complete hands-on activities related to the type of system covered in each station.

Following are links to the instructions and presentations related to each station in the Health Track.

Fluid Station 1.1: Blood Pressure


Fluid Station 1.2: I.V. Therapy


Mechanical Station 2.1: Range of Motion


Mechanical Station 2.2: Levers and Muscle Contractions


Thermal Station 3.1: How the Body Regulates its Temperature


Thermal Station 3.2: How the Body Regulates its Temperature Sensation


Electrical Station 4.1: Action Potentials and Muscle Contraction


Electrical Station 4.2: The Heart and Cardiac Arrest


All stations andother project information are posted on Moodle for student access at A password is required for entry into the classroom-managment site.

This project was funded by the State of Colorado and developed by the STEM Prep Project Team, administered by Unlimited Learning, Inc. in Cortez, CO and implemented in three programs, as listed below.

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Attribution: Gift of the State of Colorado, produced in the Southwest Colorado STEM Prep Project, administered by Unlimited Learning, Inc. Leecy Wise, Project Curriclum Designer, Co-Developer, and Publisher